October 2013

TAMUCC wins Panoply Competition

After a close six hours of competing, the Cyber Defense Team kept its lead to win first place at this year's panoply competition. The competition consists of intense penetration testing on a network of 50 servers. Points are awarded by discovering vulnerabilities that allow teams to plant ownership flags and fix relevant network services. High scores are maintained by defending servers from other teams.

The cooperative effort of the entire team paid off in preparing for this competition. Additionally, a special thanks goes out to last year's competitors from TAMUCC who helped contribute their knowledge to the team.

March 2013

Congratulations to Cyber Patriot teams

Ray and Flour Bluff Junior ROTC teams advanced to the 42-team national semi-final round as contenders in the Cyber Patriot Competition.

The Flour Bluff Junior ROTC team advanced to the championship's final round, among the top 12 teams in the United States.

August 2014

Mitre Cyber Challenge 2014

This 24-hour Jeopardy Board like competition encompasses various types of cyber security objectives of which include but is not limited to: Binary Exploitation, Cryptography, and Networking. This year was the teams 3rd time competing in the competition and the effort put into preparing for the competition this year showed.

The entire team worked really hard this year and took an impressive 12th place out of all the other teams nationwide.

October 2014

TAMUCC wins the Panoply Competition AGAIN!

We've done it again! After a four hour competition, the Cyber Defense Team managed to pull away from the other teams to clinch another first place position at this year's annual panoply competition.

Thanks goes out to the entire team who helped prepare for this years competition, who without the victory could not have been possible.

December 2014

National Cyber League (NCL) has ended

After two months of National Cyber League rounds to gauge individual abilities teams were placed into brackets based on overall (individual) skill. The game consisted of a list of challenges grouped together based on Category. There were four individual rounds and one team round where the individuals from the same school who registered in a team all got placed into different brackets based on the overall individual skill.

The final team competition lasted a week long and the team made use of all the available time, putting in hours for the competition from daybreak to past midnight. Overall it was worth the effort, the team placed 11th in the Nation!

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