Our Mission

The Cyber Defense Team focuses on sharing a wide range of computer knowledge related to operating systems, server administration, cyber security, and computer networking. The team also provides opportunities for social networking with students and industry personnel, helping students to prepare for the transition to industry. In the lab, students who become subject matter experts help other students who have little or no knowledge learn the concepts and applications of the field. This is done through hands-on exercises, both individual and group-lead. Some of the material shared includes Microsoft and Linux Server Administration, CISCO Networking, IT Security, and Oracle Database Administration. Working with the team builds the skills and experience that enables students to compete in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and other cyber security competitons.

About Us

The Cyber Defense Lab was founded from the efforts of the Department of Computing Sciences, and the University's Computer Services personnel. The lab is the headquarters for TAMUCC's Cyber Defense Team, which is an organization focused on knowledge sharing, social networking and preparing students to compete in several cyber security competitions, including the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. This program is an extension of the college learning process and is open to all students. By interactiing with other students and industry professionals, the Cyber Defense Team offers students insight into real computer security and operational challenges plus potential employment opportunities.

The Cyber Defense Lab also serves as a classroom for five classes per semester. These classes are taught through lecture and hands-on methods. They apply to the Cyber Security and Infrastructure track of the University's computer science degree. The classes include System Administration I and II, Network Administration I and II, Cyber Security I and II, and various electives related to the field.

When classes are not in progress, the lab is open every Monday through Friday for students to experiment and explore computer technologies. The team meets every Friday from 1:00 PM to approximately 5:00 PM, all year.

Cyber Defense Lab structure

The Cyber Defense Lab is equipped with approximately 100 computers that students can reconfigure in an effort to learn, practice, and explore computing technologies. All lab computers are on an isolated network used for training and testing. These computers are divided into about 20 workstations, each having four computers and a KVM switch. Software on each workstation includes VMWare, CISCO Packet Tracer, and a variety of operating systems. The lab houses industrial servers as local repositories for software package distribution. The lab also contains some Cisco equipment for student training, such as switches, routers, and firewalls (PIX and ASA). In addition to workstations and networking equipment, the lab features a 16 screen optiportal sharing graphics resources in a unified display.


Dr. John Fernandez - Chair, Department of Computing Sciences

Steve Alves - Director of the Cyber Defense Lab and Team Coordinator